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Where is the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) service territory?

SMECO is a Rural Electric Cooperative providing electrical distribution and "standard offer service" to more than 154,000 Residential, Industrial and Commercial customers in the Southern Maryland geographic area. The SMECO service territory includes Charles County, St. Mary's County, the southern portion of Prince George's County, and most of Calvert County, Maryland. The Cooperative's Distribution Network is supplied from six separately metered intertie points within the PEPCO Transmission Zone of the PJM Control Area.

How do I contact SMECO?

SMECO has a Supplier Support Group to address the needs of Suppliers providing electric energy to Distribution Customers in our service territory. This support is available between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. during normal business days. Detailed contact information is provided in the "Contact SMECO Supplier Support" section of this site.

Do alternate energy supplier customers receive one bill or two?

In accordance with Maryland regulations, Retail Suppliers must offer all customers the opportunity to receive one or two bills. SMECO will offer a consolidated billing option for Retail Suppliers who must provide customers with one bill. SMECO will not participate in Supplier consolidated billing.

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Where can I find all the necessary information to register with SMECO in order to provide electricity to its distribution customers?

On the "Documents and Forms" section of this site you can access the SMECO Electricity Supplier Coordination Tariff. Here you will find the information necessary to begin supplying electricity in our territory. Also on this site you can find copies of official documents, required by the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC), which outline retail electricity access practices at the Cooperative. To help with this process please fill out and submit the pre-registration form found in the "Supplier Pre-registration" area of this website.

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How can a Retail Supplier obtain historical usage information?

The preferred method is to obtain historical usage information directly from the customer. Customers can request historical consumption directly from the Cooperative. Class average profiles are also available from the publicly accessible "Load Profiles" section of this website. Other options available to Retail Suppliers are discussed in the "SMECO Electricity Supplier Coordination Tariff".

What information can be found on the load profile reports?

Class average load profiles, consumption and forecast reports provide a general idea of customer load on an hour-by-hour basis for the particular reporting period.

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How can Retail Electricity Suppliers begin electronic data interchange (EDI) with SMECO?

For electricity suppliers, SMECO will conduct EDI trading in accordance with the recommendations of the Maryland PSC "Generic Technical Working Implementation Group" reports. On the "Documents and Forms" section of this site you can find information specific to establishing this trading relationship with SMECO.