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Home Performance with 

ENERGY STAR® for Homeowners

Boost your home’s comfort while reducing your energy use and saving money. When you take a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency, you’ll pay only $100 for a home energy audit (a $300 savings!) and get rebates up to $4,300 for energy efficiency improvements. Plus you'll:

  • Get simple energy-saving measures installed at no additional cost.
  • Reduce energy use by up to 20%.
  • Enjoy less drafty and more comfortable rooms.
  • Have a healthier, safer, higher quality home.
  • Get comprehensive work performed by specially trained contractors.
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR helps identify a combination of energy efficiency improvements to make throughout your home to achieve the best results. Specially trained contractors will work with you to achieve your goals, such as improving comfort, cutting energy costs and protecting the environment.

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Get instant rebates of up to $2.25 per bulb on CFLs and up to $8 on LEDs!

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