Diversity Statement

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc. is committed to creating an environment that draws upon the strength of the diversity of our workforce to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer-members.

The Cooperative has adopted and distributed organizational policies and procedures and provided training to all personnel to assist in its diversity initiative. The continuation of training and the goals set within the Strategic Plan demonstrate the organization’s commitment to respecting the contributions of all employees. Ultimately we seek to enhance our organizational culture through leadership, policies, and practices.

Each year we will measure the effectiveness of our action plans. Measuring the results of our diversity efforts is essential for benchmarking growth, developing future programs, and defining the credibility of our initiative.

We solicit the assistance of our employees and customer-members in holding us accountable for our efforts.

Corporate Culture Statement

SMECO champions a culture where people are valued and the employee experience is driven by innovation, collaboration, inclusion, safety, and trust.