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Prepare for SMECO’s 2023 Annual Members’ Meeting

About SMECO’s Annual Meeting
Every year, SMECO conducts its members’ meeting for the purpose of electing directors and voting on bylaw changes. As a member, you have the right to vote.

Annual Meeting

Join us at the 2023 Gaff-n-Go Lineworker’s Rodeo

Come support our SMECO linemen as they compete in a challenging event where they demonstrate the physical skills required in their everyday work.  See what being a lineman is all about! 


Digital transformation initiatives: improving the member experience

Cell phones and other mobile devices can bring the world straight to the palm of your hand. With technology being such a large part of our daily lives, it makes sense that digitization is the third key trend at the forefront of the transformative changes facing electric utilities. In fact, digitization overlays all the trends impacting electric utilities in some way. 


Call 811 before you dig

SMECO has many underground electric lines. Contact Miss Utility at 811 to locate underground lines before you begin digging.

Call 811

Standard Offer Service rate update

Total residential Standard Offer Service (SOS) rate for March: $0.093134 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

  • Winter Residential Energy Charge: $0.0931 per kWh
  • February Residential Power Cost Adjustment (PCA): $0.00034 per kWh

SOS rates

Energy efficiency tip of the month

This planting season, include energy efficiency in your landscaping plans. Adding shade trees around your home can reduce surrounding air temperatures as much as 6 degrees. To block heat from the sun, plant deciduous trees around the south side of your home. Deciduous trees provide excellent shade during the summer and lose their leaves in the fall and winter months, allowing sunlight to warm your home.


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