Member newsletter for Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

Digital transformation initiatives:
improving the member experience

Cell phones and other mobile devices can bring the world straight to the palm of your hand. With technology being such a large part of our daily lives, it makes sense that digitization is the third key trend at the forefront of the transformative changes facing electric utilities. In fact, digitization overlays all the trends impacting electric utilities in some way. 

A solid digital framework enables SMECO to integrate clean, distributed energy resources into our system; manage two-way energy flows; improve reliability and safety; and improve the member experience. 

SMECO’s investment in digital smart meters and the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) supporting that technology established a solid foundation to enable the cooperative to escalate digital self-service benefits for its members. Members now have the power to monitor their energy use down to 15-minute intervals, start and stop service, make a payment arrangement, set up AutoPay and budget billing, manage payments, and so much more without ever needing to pick up the phone. 

Building a smart grid, introducing digital productivity tools for employees, and automating simple business processes are some ways that your cooperative is becoming a more digitally minded utility. SMECO will continue to invest in digital capabilities so we can manage an increasingly complex electric system, keep rates affordable, and offer contemporary member services.

The three key trends impacting the electric utility industry—decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization—are the foundation of SMECO’s 2023–2027 Strategic Plan. In the coming months, we will provide details about your cooperative’s current strategic plan.