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The help you want, when you want it

We value you as a member and want to ensure you are receiving the best customer service possible. We know our members lead busy lives, so we want to make it easy for you to interact with your cooperative, and that means providing multiple 24/7 platforms that enable you to do business with us at your convenience. As part of SMECO’s strategic plan, we have been expanding our self-service options with the goal that our members will be able to perform 100 percent of their core business transactions with us digitally, if they choose. Here are some of the options currently available.

Self service

Customer service is our top priority

Superior customer service is a cornerstone of your cooperative and, throughout our 86-year history, we have adjusted the way we do business in order to meet our members’ changing needs. Advancements in technology made it possible for SMECO to offer our members the ability to do business with us at their convenience through a variety of digital, self-service platforms—and many of our members are choosing to use those digital tools. The top eight core business transactions SMECO receives from our members who elect to call are all possible through multiple digital platforms, and adoption of our self-service tools has trended up year over year. 

Customer service

Scholarships available for eligible graduates

SMECO is offering four $2,500 scholarships to local high school students who excel in their endeavors and show promise in their chosen field of study.


Save money with small changes

Cold weather directly translates into higher energy usage, which results in higher energy bills. For members who want to save money, small changes can help reduce energy use during cold weather.


Standard Offer Service rate update

Total residential Standard Offer Service (SOS) rate for November: $0.078606 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

  • Winter Residential Energy Charge: $0.0854 per kWh 
  • November Residential Power Cost Adjustment (PCA): ($0.006794) per kWh 

SOS rate

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