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Standard Offer Service rate tracker

Total residential Standard Offer Service (SOS) rate for May: $0.086247 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Summer Residential Energy Charge: $0.0874 per kWh
May Residential Power Cost Adjustment (PCA): ($0.001153) per kWh

SMECO’s PCA for May was -1.34 percent of the current average annual base energy.

Graph showing PCA percentages from March, May, and March: PCA 5% below energy rate is -0.06% for February : Actual PCA reflecting difference in cost from energy rate is 2.05% for April : PCA 5% above energy rate is -1.34% for May

SMECO must revise its base energy rate if the PCA for three consecutive months is 5 percent more or less than the base energy rate. The PCA for May did not meet
the 5 percent trigger.