Member newsletter for Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

Innovate and grow

This past year, we have shared information on SMECO’s 2023–2027 Strategic Plan, including a short overview of the key pillars shaping the focus of the overall plan. One key facet influencing action in all pillars is your cooperative’s focus on innovation and growth.

Transforming the member experience requires innovative ideas to enable us to improve and enhance our customer service offerings with responsible and concise investments of cooperative resources.

Building a smarter grid leverages technological advancements to transform the grid and increase efficiency in the way SMECO does business, enabling us to deliver more reliable and resilient electric service to our members.

Engaging, empowering, and equipping cooperative employees creates an atmosphere that inspires innovation. Improving safety and efficiency, while promoting a positive company culture, helps us continue to recruit, retain, and develop a qualified, diverse, and inclusive workforce.

Leading sustainably in our community means building SMECO’s renewable energy portfolio and environmentally focused investments, while continually managing our margins to ensure financial solvency.

Innovation is a mindset. Using technology, creating fertile ground for the seeds of great ideas to take root and grow, and sharpening our focus on core competencies will continue to inspire your cooperative to provide what our members value most—safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity and related services that exceed expectations.