What can your smart meter do for you?

SMECO’s smart meters are digital electronic meters that offer two-way communications between the meter at your home or business and SMECO.
Smart meters are safe, smart, and secure.

Learning to read your meter can help you keep track of your kWh usage. To review your energy use patterns and to help identify when you are using the most energy, use the interactive tool in Account Manager to see your personal data.

Below is an example of how the data are tracked by the smart meter showing kWh used every hour of every day. In this view, the energy is tracked in fifteen-minute increments, correlating the outside weather temperature and the cost of the energy use at that specific time.

Smart meters report when there is an outage at your home or business.
To check the status of an outage, visit smeco.coop/outage

Learn more about smart meters at smeco.coop/services/smart-meters