Vol72-09 September 2022
Cooperative Review

Website refresh

front page of website

SMECO is refreshing its website. We’re updating the site for clarity and making adjustments to
improve ease of use and navigation. Some key changes:

To help ensure we are able to properly assist with fixing the problem, please provide the following:

  • Pages are easier to read and touchscreen friendly
  • Links are more intuitive for easier navigation
  • Quick-click icons provide a visually pleasing experience
  • Language translation button is more prominently located
  • Sign in and bill pay buttons are still located at the top for easy access

We will also upgrade SMECO’s Account Manager later this year to improve functionality and

Visit our freshly designed site at the same address at smeco.coop.

Pictured below: A custom-designed footer features iconic images of Southern Maryland.

footer for new website