Customer Deposit Policies

When members move away or go out of business and leave unpaid electric bills, these uncollected debts place a burden on those members who do pay their bills. A customer deposit ensures payment of final bills and cannot be applied to current bills.

SMECO conducts all matters pertaining to customer deposits in compliance with regulations set by the Maryland Public Service Commission. These regulations are defined in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 20.30.01 and 20.30.02. Copies of these regulations are available upon request from the co-op.

Any residential or nonresidential member who is requested to furnish a deposit has the right to have this request reviewed by the PSC. The PSC may be contacted at the address or telephone number below.

Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC)
Consumer Affairs Division
6 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Md. 21202

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