Landlord Agreement

When a landlord enters into a Landlord Agreement with SMECO and a tenant requests the electric service to be disconnected, SMECO automatically transfers the service into the landlord’s name. The landlord is responsible for the service application fee and charges for electricity beginning with the effective date given by the tenant.

If a Landlord Agreement is on file or noted with the Co-op, a $10 service fee is assessed if the service is transferred from the tenant into the name of the landlord, rather than the standard service application fee of $25. If a tenant’s service is disconnected for nonpayment, the Landlord Agreement does not apply. The landlord is responsible for notifying SMECO when a property is sold, in order to cancel the Landlord Agreement and related future billing responsibilities. If SMECO is not notified, the landlord remains responsible for any and all usage incurred.

The Landlord Agreement will be cancelled if the landlord fails to pay balances due that are incurred while in the landlord’s name.

For more information about SMECO’s electric service, read our Customer Rights and Responsibilities booklet.

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