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When it comes to completing energy efficiency projects, many homeowners focus on insulation or HVAC upgrades without considering how a home’s other features can impact energy consumption. To help improve home comfort and savings, SMECO encourages members to take a “whole-home approach” to energy efficiency upgrades. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program recommends completing the following improvements together to increase the energy efficiency of your home, ensure lasting savings, and minimize continued maintenance:

  • Sealing major air leaks
  • Addressing indoor air quality issues
  • Ensuring adequate attic ventilation
  • Adding insulation

Increasing Efficiency and Comfort

Air could be leaking from your home’s gaps, cracks, and seams. In addition to costing you money, air leaks also create drafts that let cold air in during winter and hot air in during summer. Sealing your home before adding insulation helps you save money and improve overall comfort.

  • Conditioned air leaks from home
  • Drafts decrease home comfort
  • Areas must be sealed from inside the attic
  • Leaks are sealed with caulk and foam
  • Reduced drafts improve comfort
  • Savings increase when combined with insulation

Improve Air Quality

Pollutants from cleaning products, paint, air fresheners, stoves, fireplaces, humidifiers, and building materials can accumulate and affect your indoor air quality. Work with an energy expert to see if your home needs additional ventilation to minimize health and safety risks and maximize your peace of mind.

Increase Durability

Moisture inside your home can cause musty smells and mildew to grow. Sealing air leaks in your basement or crawl space and making sure bathroom exhaust fans are properly vented out of your home can help prevent costly repairs.

Save for Years to Come

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home with projects recommended through SMECO’s Home Energy Improvement Program has a faster payback period than completing most other home improvements. Plus, SMECO offers valuable rebates to help you save even more.

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