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Start Saving With Rebates

Water heating is the second largest energy expense for most households. Switching to a hybrid heat pump water heater could cut your costs substantially—by as much as $470 per year for a typical four-person household, compared to a traditional water heater. And your opportunities to save don’t end there.

With rebates from SMECO covering up to 75% of the unit’s cost, there’s no reason to wait until your old water heater breaks down to upgrade.

How They Work

Instead of generating heat directly, hybrid heat pump water heaters capture heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to water in an enclosed tank, which is a much more efficient way to heat water. Plus, they cool and dehumidify the space around them.

How to Get Your Rebate

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Installation Considerations

To avoid placement and spacing issues with your new hybrid heat pump water heater, make sure you can answer “yes” to all the following questions before purchasing one.

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