Home Energy Improvement Program – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a comprehensive walk-through analysis?

During a home energy analysis, your SMECO Energy Advisor will determine your home’s baseline energy efficiency and identify opportunities for improvements through a virtual evaluation and tests for air leakage. Your advisor will look for ways to improve your home’s insulation, heating and cooling system, appliances, and lighting.

What if I choose not to implement any of the recommended improvements?

Following your home analysis, your Energy Advisor will help you understand the benefits of each recommended improvement. You may choose not to make upgrades at this time. If you decide to improve your home’s energy efficiency, your Energy Advisor will help you get connected with a trusted installation contractor.

What does it cost to participate?

All residential SMECO members can schedule a home energy analysis at no additional cost to your existing service. You are responsible for paying for any improvements you agree to as part of the contract you sign with your chosen participating contractor. Improvement costs depend on your home’s size, age, and style, along with the types of improvements you choose. SMECO offers rebates averaging $3,000 for upgrades.

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