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Energy-Efficient Construction Is the Future

More than ever before, environmental issues and rising energy costs have become central to home buyers. Limiting greenhouse gas emissions and low carbon footprint have joined the buyer wish list, along with square footage, number of bedrooms, and a big kitchen.

As a participating builder in SMECO’s ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Program, you can position your company as an expert and leader in this in-demand market.

Contact a HERS Rater near you:

American Property Consultants, Inc.
5901 Hillside Road
P.O. BOX 98
Saint Leonard, MD 20685

Building Performance Solutions LLC
8229 Boone Blvd, Suite 730
Vienna, VA 22182

EDGE Energy
7904 Foxhound Road
McLean, VA 22102

Efficient Home LLC
3905 National Drive
Suite 105
Burtonsville, MD 20866

Energy Services Group
986 Nabbs Creek Road
Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Jay Hall & Associates
610 Beach Drive
Annapolis, MD 21403

Nation’s Capital Energy Solutions
4463 Beech Road
Suite 206
Temple Hills, MD 20748

Pando Alliance
3525-K Ellicott Mills Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21043

11130 Fairfax Boulevard
Suite 206
Fairfax, VA 22030

SkyeTec, Inc.
4232 40th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20016

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a HERS Rater determine if a home qualifies for the ENERGY STAR rating?

Prior to construction, HERS Raters work with their builder clients to conduct a plan analysis to determine the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures for the home. At the pre-drywall stage, a thermal bypass visual inspection is conducted to ensure that the air and thermal barriers in the home are continuous and complete. Toward the end of construction, the HERS Rater inspects the home and performs diagnostic tests (e.g., blower door and duct blaster) to assess the home’s energy performance. The HERS Rater then incorporates the results of the inspections and diagnostic tests into the plan analysis software that determines the home’s HERS Index. A home with a HERS Index of 65 or lower qualifies for the ENERGY STAR rating.

For more information about the national specifications for ENERGY STAR for New Homes, please visit  ENERGY STAR for the New Home Industry.

How do performance milestones for builders work?

Participating homebuilders are expected to meet a number of performance milestones. This milestone system is designed to provide goals and a systematic, quarterly process through which a SMECO Account Manager can ensure that homes under a given application are moving forward as projected. If a builder and the SMECO Account Manager determine that not all the builder’s homes will be completed within the 1-year deadline, the system provides the opportunity to enroll delayed homes under a new application at SMECO’s discretion.

Milestones from the date of application submittal:

  • 1 month—Must have registered homes for which permits have been pulled in the online program reporting system, identified HERS Rater(s) in the online system, and signed the EPA ENERGY STAR for Homes Partnership Agreement.
  • 3 months—At least 10% of your total committed homes should be invoiced on the program’s online system.
  • 6 months—At least 40% of your total committed homes should be invoiced on the program’s online system.
  • 9 months—At least 70% of your total committed homes should be invoiced on the program’s online system.
  • 12 months—100% of your total committed homes should be invoiced on the program's online system.


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