Summer is for savings. Get up to $50 in bill credits each year you participate.

Enroll in SmartTemp and you’ll earn bill credits annually while helping to reduce demand on the electric grid—and that benefits everyone. When you participate, small, brief adjustments of 1–4°F will be made to your smart thermostat during times of peak AC demand, with little impact on your comfort.

Once the typical two- to three-hour event is over, your system will return the temperature to its normal setting. And, you can easily opt out of an event for any reason.

Eligible smart thermostats for SMECO’s SmartTemp Program include:

    • Honeywell Home
    • Sensi
      • Ecobee
      • Lux
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Nest customers who were accepted to SmartTemp through May 31, 2023 will remain in SmartTemp. After May 31, 2023, Nest customers are only eligible for the FlexTemp Pilot.

SMECO CoolSentry Program participants are not eligible.

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