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Everyday Energy – How to Participate

You’re just steps away from bringing the benefits of learning about energy efficiency to your classroom. Here’s what you need to do to participate in SMECO’s Everyday Energy:

Step 1; enroll; step 2: schedule visit; step 3: plan kit delivery; step 4: teach lessons; step 5: confirm completion; step 6: enjoy incentives

Step 1: Enroll

Submit SMECO’s Everyday Energy Enrollment Form (PDF) to us via email: Email SMECO Schools. Then, you’ll receive a secure link to customizable teacher lesson plans, student activities, and PowerPoint presentations for the 4- to 6-day program.

In the form’s referral section, please tell us if you were referred to the program by another teacher.

Step 2: Schedule Visit

Before starting the lesson plan, email SMECO Schools to schedule an optional in-person visit from a SMECO representative. The representative will show your students examples of energy-efficient products like light bulbs, smart plugs, advanced power strips, faucet aerators, and more. Plus, they will leave a few complimentary energy-saving products to install at your school.

Step 3: Plan Kit Delivery

Email SMECO Schools to request delivery of your no-cost Everyday Energy kits for students. Each kit contains energy-saving products to help students and their families save energy at home.

If you opt out of the in-person school visit, you can also schedule delivery of your school’s complimentary energy-saving commercial products.

Step 4: Teach Lessons

The Everyday Energy lesson plan contains 6 flexible lessons to teach fourth or fifth grade students how to better understand energy use and save energy at school and at home. On days 4 and 5, there is an optional capstone activity where students can become energy auditors for your school.

Step 5: Confirm Completion

Once you’ve completed the Everyday Energy lessons, email SMECO Schools for a teacher feedback survey and participation gift card. You’ll also receive student certificates of completion that include a $25 coupon code plus free shipping for the SMECO Online Marketplace.

Step 6: Enjoy Incentives

Use the teacher gift card to purchase school supplies and encourage students and their families to use their $25 coupon code to save energy at home. It may take 2 to 3 weeks to receive your teacher gift card after you confirm completion of SMECO’s Everyday Energy program.

For more information about SMECO’s Everyday Energy program for students, email SMECO Schools or call (877) 818-4094. See the SMECO Schools Program Fact Sheet (PDF) for more details.

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