Energy Perks

Welcome back, Energy Perks members! The Energy Perks program is now open again, and you get the first look. For a limited time, Perks members who participated in the 2022-2023 pilot will have an opportunity to get a head start on collecting points and redeeming for SMECO Marketplace Coupons.

The more activities you do, the more points you will earn. Members can earn over $100 worth of perks, as funds allow! Plus, this EmPOWER Maryland program helps you save energy at home—and reduced energy use is a perk that benefits all of Southern Maryland. Stay tuned for upcoming program enhancements!

How it Works

  • Earn Points: Complete SMECO member activities each month
  • Get Rewards: Redeem points for SMECO Marketplace coupons
  • Save energy and money: Improve your home and help your community reach its EmPOWER Maryland goals


The more actions you take, the more impact you’ll make.
Each month, we’ll send an email with new ways to earn points and save energy. Activities are worth between 5-50 points. Points add up fast with quizzes, games, and other activities. It’s easy!

For every 20 points earned, you’ll have a chance to redeem rewards.
Get a coupon for up to $50 off your SMECO Marketplace purchase. More rewards to come!

You can save up points for larger rewards.
Any points you earn can be “banked” until you are ready to redeem them for rewards. Points expire annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Energy Perks?

SMECO’s Energy Perks program rewards active members for taking advantage of SMECO services and learning about how to manage energy use at home. Reducing energy use helps members save money, increases sustainability, and benefits the SMECO community.

How does SMECO’s Energy Perks program work?

Select members will receive an email or mail invitation to participate. No sign up is necessary! Enrolled members will receive monthly emails from with actions they can complete to earn points. As members accrue points, they become eligible to redeem perks. Members can earn over $100 worth of Perks.

20 points = $10 SMECO Marketplace coupon

What are the benefits of participating?

SMECO’s Energy Perks provide a fun, easy way for members to earn discounts on energy-efficient products from SMECO’s Marketplace. Plus, members can also make changes that save energy and money at home. Reducing energy waste increases sustainability and benefits the SMECO community.

How do I sign up?

No sign up is necessary! If you received an invitation via email or mail, you are automatically registered to participate. Look for emails from to start earning points!

What types of activities can I do to earn Energy Perks points?

For participating members, activities may include registering for SMECO’s Account Manager, creating an energy-saving plan, answering a quiz or poll, or participating in SMECO’s energy efficiency programs. Many activities may be tasks you’re already doing, but now you get extra perks for completing them! The program will unlock new ways to earn points each month, so be sure to check your inbox at least once per month for additional ways to earn. You can also check your Perks Portal to see all available activities. 

How do I access the Perks Portal?

Energy Perks members can access their Portal through the links in the Monthly Statement emails. Click on “Visit Your Perks Portal” or “Get Your Perks” to get into your Portal! We suggest you bookmark your unique portal link in your browser for easy access.

How much will I earn for completing the activities?

Members can earn between 5 and 100 points for each activity. The more activities you complete, the more points you earn. Members can earn over $100 worth of perks. Points values will be displayed in monthly email statements sent to participants. Limited-time offers to earn extra points for completing activities may also be sent to your email. 

After I complete an activity, when will I receive my points?

Your participation in the activities will be tracked by program administrators. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing, however it may only take one week to process in some cases. You can check your Perks Portal at any time to see your points balance. Participating members will receive an email statement each month showing their points balance. Email with any concerns.

How can I find my points balance and ways to earn?

To see your points balance, check your monthly email statement from New activities will be sent each month for ways to earn more points. Your monthly email statement will also include your unique link to your Perks Portal, where your points balance, earnings and redemption history, and new earning activities will be shown.

How do I redeem the points I’ve earned?

Redeem your points in the Perks Portal by clicking the link in any email from the program. When you have earned 20 points or more, you can redeem them for a coupon to SMECO Marketplace.

Do I need to redeem all my points at once?

Members must have a minimum of 20 points to redeem them on the Perks Portal. You can redeem once your points meet the threshold at the time of your rewards selection or continue to bank any points left over to keep earning for additional perks. Points expire annually, so be sure to check on your points balance frequently.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us at or call 877-818-4094.