Article XI – Miscellaneous

Section 11.01 Organizations—Affiliations & Memberships

The Board of Directors shall have full power and authority to authorize the Cooperative to purchase stock in or become a member of any local, state, or national organization, corporation, or cooperative organized on a for-profit or non-profit basis for the purpose of engaging in rural electrification, promoting the interests of the Cooperative’s members, or furthering the objectives and principles of the Cooperative. The Board of Directors shall also have full power and authority to authorize the Cooperative to form, or have formed, such business entities as are beneficial to the financial wellbeing, operation, and viability of the Cooperative.

Section 11.02 Publication

The Cooperative shall cause these bylaws, as amended from time to time, to be posted on the Cooperative’s website, available at the Cooperative’s headquarters, and available from the Cooperative upon request.

Section 11.03 Policies, Rules & Regulations

The Board of Directors shall have power to make and adopt such policies, rules and regulations, not inconsistent with law, the Articles of Conversion or these bylaws, as it may deem advisable for the management, administration and regulation of the business and affairs of the Cooperative.

Section 11.04 Accounting System & Reports

The Board of Directors shall, after the close of each fiscal year, cause to be made by a Certified Public Accountant, a full and complete audit of the accounts, books and financial condition of the Cooperative as of the end of such fiscal year. A report of such audit shall be submitted to the members at the annual meeting next following the close of such fiscal year.

Section 11.05 Area Coverage

The Board shall make diligent effort to see that electric service is extended to all unserved persons within the Cooperative service area who (a) desire such service and (b) meet all requirements established by the Cooperative as a condition of such service.