How do smart meters communicate?

SMECO’s smart meters use a radio signal to communicate, just like a cell phone, cordless phone, or other devices in your house that use radio signals (aka, radio frequency or RF), such as these:

  • Laptop computer or Wi-Fi wireless router
  • Baby monitor or walkie-talkie
  • Remote controlled (or radio-controlled) toys
  • Garage door opener
  • Kindle, iPad, or other mobile devices while online

The transmissions from these communication devices, like those from smart meters, are harmless when the device is used as designed.

  • Smart meters use a very low wattage to transmit information
  • Under normal circumstances, they only transmit once per hour
  • They only transmit for 1/10 of a second, normally less than 5 seconds per day

The manufacturers of SMECO’s smart meters test their equipment to ensure compliance with U.S. government standards for safe operation.