Meter Tampering & Unauthorized Electricity Consumption

Service will be terminated when SMECO finds that a customer has tampered with the meter, bypassed the registration of the meter, or interfered with the proper metering of service.

After service is terminated, the customer must meet the following requirements to have service connected:

  • Pay all damages to equipment due to interference with metering
  • Pay the bill for unmetered service plus all past due debt
  • Pay an investigation charge of $252
  • Pay a service application fee
  • Agree to comply with reasonable requirements to protect the Cooperative against further losses
  • Pay a deposit in accordance with COMAR Reestablishment of Credit

Electricians are required to contact SMECO prior to performing energized work that would require temporarily disconnecting the electric meter. If an electrician pulls the meter on your home without contacting SMECO, you will be charged for meter tampering.