Service Providers

Eligibility And Participation
Who can participate in the Business Solutions program?

In general, all non-residential customers who receive electric service through SMECO, regardless of their electric supplier, are eligible. Additional details on eligibility can be found in the Terms and Conditions section of the Business Solutions applications.

Am I required to use a specific contractor to participate in the program?

You are not required to use a specific contractor to install energy-efficient equipment at your facility. Customers are free to select their own contractors or use in-house staff. If you choose to use in-house staff to install program measures, please leave the contractor information blank on your application form.

Are incentives available for upgrades that are not listed on the technical sheets?

Electric energy-efficient equipment that is not included on the prescriptive application forms may be considered as a custom measure. In general, this equipment must exceed the prescriptive requirements and not be required by Maryland energy code nor considered standard industry practice. The proposed project or equipment must have verifiable electric energy savings and pass the program cost effectiveness criteria.