How is this different than CoolSentry?

Nothing changes! Your new smart thermostat is pre-enrolled in SMECO’s SmartTemp Program, which helps you use your smart thermostat to optimize your home’s energy use when energy demand is high. You can earn up to $50 in bill credits each year you participate. Learn more at

SmartTemp CoolSentry (Ended in 2023)
What you can earn Up to $50 each year Up to $50 each year (50% cycling)
Up to $75 each year (75% cycling)
How long events last Two to three hours (four-hour maximum) Two to three hours (four-hour maximum)
How much temperatures can change 1–4°F 1–4°F
When changes occur Summer Summer
What thermostats are eligible Honeywell Home
CoolSentry thermostat
CoolSentry DCU (device on outdoor unit)