What is SMECO’s SmartTemp Year Round Program?

  • SMECO’s SmartTemp Year Round Program is a voluntary program for SMECO residential members who have eligible smart thermostats connected to their central air conditioner/heat pump.
  • SMECO’s SmartTemp Year Round Program is designed to help reduce energy use during times of high energy demand. Reducing demand decreases the use of less efficient and more expensive power sources. That’s good for the environment, and it helps keep energy costs low for everyone.
  • Participants agree to brief thermostat adjustments of 4° or less during peak electric demand periods. Adjustments to your thermostat typically occur on weekdays and last no more than two hours. (Unless there is a system emergency, peak periods do not occur on weekends or holidays.)
  • Participants can receive up to $96 per household per year for participating in SMECO’s SmartTemp Year Round Program.