Energy Perks General

The Energy Perks Pilot is now closed. What does that mean for me?

SMECO Energy Perks was a limited-time pilot program with a fixed number of participants that ran from 2022-2023. While we wait to hear if Energy Perks will continue in 2024, we have temporarily locked member portals to make improvements and prepare for Energy Perks to become a full program that will accept all residential SMECO members. For information about your points, see “When do my points expire” in the Earn & Redeem FAQs. Stay tuned for updates about Energy Perks in 2024!

When does the pilot end?

The pilot will end in December 2023. Members will be able to earn and redeem points up until November 30. See “When do my points expire?” for information regarding redemption deadlines.

When/If the program becomes available again, pilot members will be notified.

How do I sign up?

No sign up is necessary! If you received an invitation via email or mail, you are automatically registered to participate. Look for emails from to start earning points!

What are the benefits of participating?

SMECO’s Energy Perks provide a fun, easy way for members to earn perks like bill credits and coupons, or charity donations that benefit our community. Plus, members can also make changes that save energy and money at home. Reducing energy waste increases sustainability and benefits the SMECO community.

How does SMECO’s Energy Perks program work?

Select members will receive an email or mail invitation to participate. No sign up is necessary! Select members will receive monthly emails from with actions they can complete to earn points. As members accrue points, they become eligible to redeem perks. Members can earn over $500 worth of perks.

20 points = your choice of a $20 SMECO Online Store coupon, a $10 SMECO bill credit, or a $10 charitable donation.

What are Energy Perks?

SMECO’s Energy Perks program is a limited-time pilot that rewards active members for taking advantage of SMECO services and learning about how to manage energy use at home. Reducing energy use helps members save money, increases sustainability, and benefits the SMECO community.