High-Efficiency HVAC Equipment

High-Efficiency HVAC Equipment
Equipment* Tier SEER2 HSPF2
Air Source Heat Pumps
Ducted Mini-split Heat Pumps
1 15.2 6.7 (Packaged)
7.5 (Split)
  2 16.9 6.7 (Packaged)
7.5 (Split)
Ductless Mini-split Heat Pump Multi-Zone 15.5 7.5
  Single Zone 18 7.5
Central Air Conditioner 1 15.2  
  2 16.9  
Geothermal Heat Pump**(Closed Loop) 17.1 EER & 3.6 COP
Smart Thermostat ENERGY STAR® Certified
Heat Pump Water Heater ENERGY STAR® Certified

*All equipment must be AHRI rated.

**Geothermal products installed at new construction homes that are not participating in the ENERGY STAR for New Homes Program are eligible for a rebate.