Home Energy Reports FAQ

Why am I getting a paper report?

Nearly half of our total customer base is receiving the Home Energy Paper Reports. The paper reports are condensed snapshots of the information found on the website; they are mailed bi-monthly as a complement to the customers’ monthly utility statements.

How do some of my neighbors manage to use so much less energy than I do?

Efficient households will take a variety of steps to reduce their electricity consumption. Some of these steps include using the thermostat to manage heating and cooling costs, turning off lights and electronics when not in use, and always running full loads in the dishwasher, washer, and dryer. The reports provide specific steps you can take to help make your home more efficient.

I have certain life or housing circumstances, such as energy-intensive medical equipment, that prevent me from reducing my energy use. So how can these reports help me?

Some people may have life or housing circumstances that make it difficult to reduce their home’s energy use. We try to provide a wide range of ideas to address the various needs of our customers and their homes. We encourage you to find out which tips are best for you and search for more ideas. We’ve found that most people can realize at least some savings and we hope we can help you to do so.

Who are the neighbors that I’m being compared to?

Your energy use is being compared to the usage patterns of a group of about 100 neighbors whose homes are close in proximity to yours, and similar in size and characteristics. Characteristics that typically lead to similar energy needs include home size, type of ownership, and heating source. We only include homes that appear to be occupied at the time of the comparison. These comparisons are completely anonymous, and no customer’s personal information or individual energy use is released.