Text Messaging FAQ – Registration

How do I cancel SMECO 24/7 text notifications?

Text STOP to 76326 (SMECO) from the mobile phone for which you want to cancel your registration. You will receive a message that asks you to choose which notifications to stop. Once you have cancelled, you will receive a confirmation text message. If you would like to re-register, text REG to 76326 (SMECO).

What if I want to temporarily stop receiving outage notifications?

To temporarily stop receiving notifications, text PAUSE to 76326 (SMECO):

  • You will receive a text message confirming that you successfully paused the notifications.
  • To begin receiving the notifications again, text RESUME to 76326 (SMECO), and you will be prompted for confirmation.
Can I register my property to more than one mobile phone number?

Yes, you can register more than one mobile phone number for a single property or account. Text REG to 76326 (SMECO) from each mobile phone and register using the account number or phone number associated with the account. Each registered mobile phone associated with an account will receive updates once an outage has been reported for that account. You can also manage your text and email Notification Preferences in SMECO's Account Manager.

Can I register for SMECO 24/7 for more than one property or account?

Yes, you may register multiple properties or accounts to one cell phone number. For each account, text REG to 76326 (SMECO). You will receive a text message asking for the 5-digit ZIP code associated with the account. Once you have provided all required information, you will receive a registration confirmation text. We will then text you a list of your registered accounts to select from when you text OUT to report your outage. You can use the nickname option (text NICK to 76326) to assign easy-to-remember nicknames to each account.