Text Messaging FAQ – Troubleshooting

What if I received a text message stating my power has been restored, but my lights are still not coming on?

Please first check the circuit breaker at the property. If power is still not restored after checking the breaker, either text OUT again to 76326 (SMECO) or call (877) 747-6326 to report the outage again. Additional damage may exist at your location that SMECO was not previously aware of when making the original repairs. Texting OUT again notifies SMECO that additional repairs may be required. It is important to remember that if there is visible damage to SMECO's electric system, such as damage to the electric meter or transformer, you must call (888) 440-3311 to report the damage to a SMECO customer service representative. In case of emergency, like downed power lines, call 911 before calling SMECO.

What if my power is restored, but I haven’t received a notification text message?

No action is required on your part. There may be a delay between when your power is restored and when a power restoration text message is sent. A number of factors may contribute to this occurrence, such as the scale of restoration efforts or the ability of field technicians to access systems to complete the outage ticket. The power restoration message is intended to notify you that power was restored in the event that you are not at the registered property that experienced the outage.

I reported my outage online and requested a callback. Why didn’t I receive a callback?

If you report your outage through SMECO 24/7 via text message—after you have reported your outage online—the text message report overwrites the online report and your callback number is cleared from our system. You will receive a POWER RESTORED notification via text message in place of an automated call. If you want to receive a callback, please call SMECO at (888) 440-3311 or go online to use the outage reporting system and provide your callback number again.

Why didn’t I receive a registration confirmation text message?

There are a few different reasons why a user may not receive a registration text message.

  • Unsupported mobile carrier - At this time, SMECO's text messaging service is supported by major mobile phone carriers and most others. We are continually looking for ways to enhance SMECO's text messaging service and anticipate adding more mobile carriers in the future.
  • Text messaging blocked - If your mobile carrier is supported, you may have a setting on your mobile phone's account that is blocking incoming text messages. Please contact your mobile provider to ensure that text messaging is enabled.
  • Short code messaging blocked - If your mobile carrier is supported, you may have a setting turned on for your phone's account that is blocking short code messages. Short code messages are any messages that come from a short number such as 76326 (SMECO). Please contact your mobile carrier to change your account setting to allow short code messaging.