Your Capital Credit Refund Check

SMECO’s Board of Directors is pleased to send you the attached check for your 2023 Capital Credits refund. SMECO’s 2023 general refund totals $3 million. The general refund is a percentage of the funds allocated to members’ Capital Credit accounts for service rendered between 1989 and 2022.  If you had electric service with SMECO for any period during that time, and if this check is made payable to you, then you are entitled to this refund. Please cash your check as soon as possible. The check will become void after 180 days from the date issued.

Your Capital Credits refund is tax-free as long as the property served by SMECO was used as a residence only.  If the property for which the refund is being received was a business or a residence used for business purposes, please consult your tax advisor.

Some companies may be receiving this refund because you had service in your business name. This refund is not associated with any of your customers; it is your refund and a benefit for having service in your name with our cooperative. Please consult with your finance department to find out where they want you to post patronage capital refunds.