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Meet Our Energy Analysts

Brian Holmes, Kellie Miles, and Natasha Walker work with businesses, schools, government agencies, and other organizations to help them optimize their energy use. Below are some of the services we offer to help your business use energy efficiently.

kWh & kW Demand

One kilowatt (kW) is 1,000 watts, which is a measure of power or “demand.” A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a measure of energy use over time. So a 1,000-watt drill demands 1,000 watts (one kW) of power to make it work, and it uses one kilowatt-hour of energy in an hour.

All SMECO customers are billed for the amount of energy used in a month, but some customers are also billed for demand. Large customers are charged for demand because of the equipment and facilities required to serve them. For comparison, an average home may have a demand of 10 to 14 kW during the month; a fast food restaurant may have a demand of 135 kW; and a large retail store may have a monthly demand of 500 kW.

Energy Optimization Services

Cost Analysis — SMECO will calculate and verify commercial bills based upon the rate structure. Bills can be disaggregated into kW demand and kWh consumption. The cost analysis will determine seasonal trends and assist in resolving high bill inquiries.

Load Inventory — SMECO can assist in compiling an inventory of all major equipment loads in a facility. Our energy analyst can then help assist you in replacing inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment.

EmPOWER Maryland — Rebates may be available for energy efficiency improvements. Visit our Business Solutions page for more information

For more information about a commercial energy analysis or other services, call toll-free, (888) 440-3311.

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