Account Manager

To sign up for electronic billing, go to Notification Preferences and enter your e-mail address or mobile phone number or both! (You can use several email addresses and phone numbers.)

  • Sign up for paperless billing to receive your bill and payment notices by e-mail or text
  • Manage your e-mail and text Notification Preferences
  • Sign up for personalized weekly updates and high bill alerts under Notification Preference
  • Review bills and payments
  • Update your contact information
  • Set up your online wallet for paying by text
  • Enroll in our Budget Plan to make your bill the same every month
  • Enroll in AutoPay or update payment information

Now Available

  • Energy Use Details graphs show energy use and monthly bill information, along with average temperatures, to provide insights into how much energy you use and when you use it
  • Not only can you see monthly meter readings, you can also see weekly and hourly energy use info
  • Want to see if you would benefit from Time-of-Use (TOU) rates? Click the Rate Comparison tab to see how TOU might save you money
  • Looking for Ways to Save? You’ll find handy tips to help you reduce your bill on this tab
  • Compare this month’s bill to last month or your bill for last year using the Bill Comparison tab
  • Want to know how much your bill will be this month? Look at the Bill Forecast tab to see an estimate of your upcoming bill (It’s based on how much electricity you’ve used so far during the current billing period, the weather, and the number of days in the billing period)
  • How does your energy use compare to other homes that are similar to yours? Look under the Neighbor Comparison tab
  • What’s the biggest part of your bill? Heating? Cooling? Water heating? Review the Energy Use Profile tab to see an estimate of what’s using the most electricity in your household.

Learn About Account Manager

To learn about the energy use screens in Account Manager, watch our video with Willie Wiredhand.

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