Bill Assistance

Alternate Payment Plans

  • A customer who is unable to pay for electric service in accordance with SMECO billing practices may, under certain circumstances, negotiate an alternate payment plan
  • The alternate payment plan will take into account the customer’s circumstances, financial condition, and payment history
  • Arrangements for alternate payment plans can be made in Account Manager, in person, or over the phone: (888) 440-3311. Payment arrangements must be made before the termination date.
  • The plan negotiated will be noted on the customer’s account record at SMECO – If the customer fails to meet the obligations agreed upon, SMECO may initiate turn-off procedures without further notice for a past-due balance

Members Helping Members logoMembers Helping Members

  • If you need to apply for assistance, call the Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee at (301) 274-4474, extension 286, and leave a message

Visit our Members Helping Members page for more information.

Universal Service Program

The state of Maryland funds its Universal Service Program through charges on electric bills. Below are some frequently asked questions on the issue.