Budget Plan

Budgeting for your electric bill is easy when you’re on SMECO’s Budget Plan. Because with the Budget Plan you know in advance how much your monthly payment will be.

It’s Easy!

Just make your request online or in writing.

After your acceptance in the Budget Plan, your bill will be the same each month.

After six months, the amount of your even monthly payment will be reviewed and may be adjusted to include any credit on your account or any difference between what you’ve paid and what you owe. You can request a review of your payment plan at any time; SMECO may also make adjustments to your payment plan amount during the year if we feel it is necessary.

To apply, go to Account Manager and use the Budget Billing link under Billing & Payment. If you don’t have an online account in Account Manager, you can fill out the Budget Plan enrollment form.


  • The customer must be billed under SMECO’s residential rates
  • The electric bills at the customer’s location must total $300 or more for the most recent 6 consecutive months
  • The customer’s account must not be past due
  • In the absence of a six-month history for the location, a customer may be accepted on the Budget Plan when a reasonable estimate can be made by SMECO

How It Works

  • Billings under the Budget Plan will begin the month following SMECO’s acceptance of the customer’s request
  • Monthly payments will be based on the customer’s expected billings for a year
  • SMECO reviews the customer’s account after six months – At that point, the monthly payment may change if the customer’s average bill is higher or lower than the amount originally budgeted
  • You can request a review of your plan at any time
  • SMECO may also review your account and make adjustments periodically

Termination of the Budget Plan

  • A customer may request that the Budget Plan be terminated at any time – However, any credit balance will be applied to future bills
  • The Budget Plan will be terminated when the customer requests disconnection of electric service – Any debit balance will become due
  • The Budget Plan may be terminated if the customer fails to pay the full monthly Budget Plan amount by the “Amount Due After” date on the bill
  • Upon termination of the Budget Plan, any debit balance will become due when the customer receives the next regularly scheduled monthly billing