Set it & Forget it

Paying Bills Is As Easy As A, B, C

Month after month, it’s the same thing. Stacks of bills jammed into your mailbox, hours spent paying bills; or worse, you get caught up in the busy day to day, forget to pay a bill, and then end up with late notices and fees to pay. Don’t you wish there were an easier way? Set it and forget it with SMECO, and let bill payments manage themselves.

Use the links below, or log into Account Manager to sign up for the following services. They are located under Account Services on the Account Manager home page.


SMECO’s AutoPay program is a convenient way for you to have your electric bill paid automatically each month. You can use your bank checking or savings account or your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card.

Why Should You Enroll?

  • It’s easy!
  • It’s convenient!
  • It’s quick!
  • It saves on the cost of stamps and checks!
  • It saves you from writing a check each month and you never have to worry about being late with your electric bill payment!

How Does AutoPay Work?

  • The AutoPay program permits SMECO to deduct money from an account at your financial institution or your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card to pay your monthly electric bill
  • Each month you will receive a message on your bill advising you of the date the payment will be withdrawn from your bank or charged against your credit card and the amount of the payment
  • If you should need to temporarily suspend your AutoPay, just contact SMECO four working days prior to the payment date on your bill – You can then pay by cash or check – You can also elect to discontinue your participation in the program by contacting SMECO at (888) 440-3311
  • All SMECO customers with accounts in good standing are eligible to join the program

How Do You Enroll?

Fill out the online form.

You can also enroll, update, or cancel your participation in AutoPay by calling SMECO at (888) 440-3311 or by visiting any SMECO office.

If you’re already on AutoPay and you want to update your credit card or bank account information, just call SMECO at (888) 440-3311.

Budget Your Electric Bill

Wish you knew how much your electric bill would be each month? Sign up for the Budget Plan and you will! The Budget Plan averages out the fluctuations in monthly bills by evening out the payments. Instead of high bills in the winter and summer months, and low bills in spring and fall, you will pay the same amount each month—no surprises. (Residential customers only.)