Another SMECO EV Charging Station Opens

SMECO announced the opening of another of its SMECO EV Recharge public charging stations for electric vehicles. The station is located at the St. Mary’s County Board of Education at 23160 Moakley Street in Leonardtown and has 24-hour access.

Additional charging station sites in Leonardtown are located on Park Avenue between Guyther Drive and Court House Drive and at the St. Mary’s County Public Library and Garvey Activity Senior Center at 23630 Hayden Farm Lane. The SMECO EV Recharge installations currently operational in St. Mary’s County are Level 2 chargers. SMECO also plans to install DC-powered fast chargers (DCFC) at select locations.

The Level 2 chargers will cost 18 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and the DCFC will cost 34 cents per kWh. SMECO's EV Recharge rates are based on average costs for other charging stations and are subject to change. EV owners can use the Greenlots Mobile App to find the nearest station, start and end charging, make payments, and receive real-time notifications.

SMECO's EV Recharge stations will serve the growing population of electric vehicle owners who are transitioning away from gas-powered vehicles. For introductory information about electric vehicles (EV) and factors to consider before purchasing an EV, visit SMECO’s website on our Intro to Electric Vehicles page.  For more detailed information about battery and hybrid EV models, driving range, battery capacity, cost savings, charging stations, and more, visit our Electric Vehicles Guide page.