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The Cooperative Review is the monthly newsletter for customer-members of Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative. The newsletter is inserted in customers’ electric bills.

SMECO’s EmPOWER Maryland programs save you energy and money

Current Issue:

September 2020 — HTML | PDF

Take control with Account Manager.

Previous Issues:

August 2020 — HTML | PDF

Be prepared for hurricane season.

July 2020 — HTML | PDF

SMECO awards scholarships to four local high school seniors.

June 2020 — HTML | PDF

Pandemic shifts the way we work

May 2020 — HTML | PDF

2019 Annual Report

April 2020 — HTML | PDF

SMECO Sponsors 31st Southern Maryland Computer Bowl.

March 2020 — HTML | PDF

Follow these tips and watch out for scams

February 2020 — HTML | PDF

SMECO Board announces Sonja M. Cox as the new president and CEO

January 2020 — HTML | PDF

SMECO employees raise $57,450 for intellectually and developmentally disabled

December 2019 — HTML | PDF

SMECO CEO announces retirement

November 2019 — HTML | PDF

SMECO’s EmPOWER Maryland programs save you energy and money

October 2019 — HTML | PDF

SMECO holds 81st Annual Meeting—more than 7,800 vote in election

September 2019 — HTML | PDF

Big things are happening at SMECO’s Leonardtown facility

August 2019 — HTML | PDF

SMECO refunds members’ capital credits in July

July 2019 — HTML | PDF

Learn how to keep children and adults safe around power lines this summer

June 2019 — HTML | PDF

SMECO honors region’s outstanding math, science, and STEM teachers

May 2019 — HTML | PDF

2018 Annual Report

April 2019 — HTML | PDF

SMECO Sponsors 30th Southern Maryland Computer Bowl

March 2019 — HTML | PDF

SMECO holds 25th annual MATHCOUNTS competition

February 2019 — HTML | PDF

Know the facts if you are considering switching to an alternate supplier

January 2019 — HTML | PDF

SMECO employees raise $55,650 for Hospice in Southern Maryland

December 2018 — HTML | PDF

Saving, made simple...use your online Account Manager to track your energy use and get tips to save

November 2018 — HTML | PDF

You may have unclaimed funds waiting for you

October 2018 — HTML | PDF

SMECO holds 80th Annual Meeting—more than 6000 vote in election

September 2018 — HTML | PDF

Keep your distance from transformers

August 2018 — HTML | PDF

Learn how to stay safe around downed power lines

July 2018 — HTML | PDF

Redesigned bills and online enhancements improve communications to members

June 2018 — HTML | PDF

Use SMECO’s website for 1 free, quick, and easy online bill payment.

May 2018 — HTML | PDF

2017 Annual Report

April 2018 — HTML | PDF

Extreme wind causes severe and widespread damage throughout SOMD

March 2018 — HTML | PDF

Stay safe around power lines—look up

February 2018 — HTML | PDF

Opioid abuse is everyone’s problem

January 2018 — HTML | PDF

Be informed about Customer Choice and alternate suppliers

December 2017 — HTML | PDF

SMECO works for its members, not for profits

November 2017 — HTML | PDF

Local veteran chosen for No Barriers expedition

October 2017 — HTML | PDF

Annual meeting voter participation grows more than 900 percent

September 2017 — HTML | PDF

SMECO partners with CSM to prepare electric utility professionals

August 2017 — HTML | PDF

Reliability an added benefit of smart meter installation

July 2017 — HTML | PDF

SMECO applies for a 10% rate reduction

June 2017 — HTML | PDF

Prepare to cast your ballot for your board members

May 2017 — HTML | PDF

2016 Annual Report

April 2017 — HTML | PDF

The times they are a changin’ … again

March 2017 — HTML | PDF

Do you have questions about smart meters?

February 2017 — HTML | PDF

Considering solar? Know what to expect

January 2017 — HTML | PDF

Employees raise $53,476 for Operation: Tohidu

December 2016 — HTML | PDF

SMECO will be installing smart meters in 2017

November 2016 — HTML | PDF

New Managing Director named

October 2016 — HTML | PDF

Changes approved for 2017 annual meeting

September 2016 — HTML | PDF

Old technology finds new life

August 2016 — HTML | PDF

Be aware and stay safe from payment scams

July 2016 — HTML | PDF

Straight talk about smart meters: safe, secure and accurate

June 2016 — HTML | PDF

Getting smarter together with smart meters

May 2016 — HTML | PDF

Annual Report 2015

April 2016 — HTML | PDF

Smart meters are on their way

March 2016 — HTML | PDF

Choose the right light for you

February 2016 — HTML | PDF

SMECO files for rate restructure

January 2016 — HTML | PDF

Ways to save with water heaters

December 2015 — HTML | PDF

SMECO launches Patriot Connect

November 2015 — HTML | PDF

Are you ready for cold weather?

October 2015 — HTML | PDF

Rate adjustment filed with PSC

September 2015 — HTML | PDF

Information is key in an emergency

August 2015 — HTML | PDF

New 80-acre solar facility energized

July 2015 — HTML | PDF

Chapel Mapping taking inventory of field assets

June 2015 — HTML | PDF

Little things add up, don't let pools and spas pump you dry

May 2015 — HTML | PDF

2014 Annual Report

April 2015 — HTML | PDF

Convenience in the palm of your hand

March 2015 — HTML | PDF

SMECO holds Elementary School Knowledge Bowl

February 2015 — HTML | PDF

Transmission line construction continues in Charles County

January 2015 — HTML | PDF

First phase of streetscape project in Solomons is near completion

December 2014 (PDF)

Reliability project completed on time and under budget

November 2014 (PDF)

Reliability project nears completion

October 2014 (PDF)

SMECO hosts 76th annual members’ meeting

September 2014 (PDF)

All are fed at the farm

August 2014 (PDF)

It’s almost time for the Annual Members’ Meeting

July 2014 (PDF)

Contact voltage testing continues

June 2014 (PDF)

Exercise boating safety around power lines

May 2014 (PDF)

2013 Annual Report

April 2014 (PDF)

SMECO Solar helps customers save

March 2014 (PDF)

It’s time for the 12th annual Gaff-n-Go Rodeo

February 2014 (PDF)

Capps elected as chairman of standards board

January 2014 (PDF)

Successful river crossing

December 2013 (PDF)

Big changes in 2013 enhance service at SMECO

November 2013 (PDF)

SMECO needs access to meters

October 2013 (PDF)

Drilling begins

September 2013 (PDF)

Reliability project goes under the river this fall

August 2013 (PDF)

How does your home compare to your neighbor’s?

July 2013 (PDF)

Don’t miss this year’s annual members’ meeting

June 2013 (PDF)

Need help paying your energy bill? Help is available!

May 2013 (PDF)

2012 Annual Report

April 2013 (PDF)

Electricity—more bang for your buck

March 2013 (PDF)

Join SMECO’s linemen at the 11th annual Gaff ’n’ Go Rodeo

February 2013 (PDF)

Increase your comfort and safety—and reduce energy use by up to 20 percent

January 2013 (PDF)

Local business sheds light on energy savings

December 2012 (PDF)

Looking back and charging forward

November 2012 (PDF)

SMECO solar farm nears completion

October 2012 (PDF)

SMECO celebrates 75 years during annual meeting

September 2012 (PDF)

Smart meter plans filed with the PSC

August 2012 (PDF)

International Year of the Cooperative

July 2012 (PDF)

Incentives to preserve historic barns

June 2012 (PDF)

SMECO honors local math and science teachers

May 2012 (PDF)

2011 Annual Report

April 2012 (PDF)

Progress and open houses this spring

March 2012 (PDF)

Get ready to rodeo with our linemen

February 2012 (PDF)

Join us for a year of celebration

January 2012 (PDF)

Reliability project picks up traction in Calvert

December 2011 (PDF)

Moving forward for our customers

November 2011 (PDF)

SMECO moves forward on solar generation facility

October 2011 (PDF)

Hurricane Irene rocks the area

September 2011 (PDF)

Blazing, blistering, boiling…July was a scorcher

August 2011 (PDF)

Utility pole impact can be costly

July 2011 (PDF)

Ahead of the reliability curve

June 2011 (PDF)

SMECO Honors Local Math and Science Teachers

May 2011 (PDF)

2010 Annual Report

April 2011 (PDF)

SMECO begins installation of first smart meters

March 2011 (PDF)

Even in tough times we help our neighbors

February 2011 (PDF)

Are coal plants facing extinction?

January 2011 (PDF)

Rate adjustment takes effect

December 2010 (PDF)

Looking back on a year of conservation and expansion

November 2010 (PDF)

It’s a beautiful day, so why is my power out?

October 2010 (PDF)

Safety a must for customers’ pets

September 2010 (PDF)

Beating the heat with CoolSentry

August 2010 (PDF)

EmPOWERing our members

July 2010 (PDF)

Network upgrade status update

June 2010 (PDF)

SMECO Honors Local Math and Science Teachers

May 2010 (PDF)

Recipe for Success - 2009 Annual Report

April 2010 (PDF)

SMECO sponsors 21st regional Computer Bowl

March 2010 (PDF)

SMECO linemen gear up for the Gaff ‘n’ Go Rodeo

February 2010 (PDF)

Know what to expect in your utility bill

January 2010 (PDF)

SMECO Moves Forward After Being Denied AMI Grant

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