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SMECO continuously works on projects to improve the reliability of our electric system.

New Substation and Transmission Line in St. Mary’s County:

SMECO is building a new substation in Chaptico. The facility will add capacity to our transmission system in the northern part of St. Mary’s County, absorbing some of the load from four other substations in the area. To supply electricity to the Chaptico substation, SMECO plans to build seven miles of 69-kV transmission line from the Ryceville substation. The new line will use SMECO's existing right-of-way for the 230-kV line that connects the Ryceville and Hewitt Road switching stations. Construction on the new 69-kV line began in March 2022 and be complete in October, so that Chaptico can be energized in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Path of the Ryceville-to-Chaptico 69-kV lineAbove is the path for the new 69-kV transmission line, which will use the existing right-of-way in the area. Below is an example of how the poles will be placed in the right-of-way.

Diagram showing landscape placement of the new 69-kV line from Ryceville to Chaptico

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