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Businesses across Southern Maryland are making energy upgrades with SMECO’s Business Solutions and Small Business Solutions Programs and getting rebates to help cover the costs.

  • Calvert County Public Schools (PDF) recently completed 23 energy efficiency projects, most to upgrade lighting and install lighting controls. By participating in the SMECO Business Solutions program, the schools received $88,152 in incentives for these projects, and expect to receive even more from additional projects.
  • Miller Cabinetmakers (PDF) took advantage of the incentives available through the SMECO Business Solutions program to complete the lighting upgrades—a decision that put $6,150 back in their pockets.
  • St. Mary’s Nursing Center (PDF) received incentives totaling $52,688 for installing energy-efficient lighting; occupancy sensors; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); and commercial food service equipment that will result in more than 241,960 kWh in annual energy savings.
  • University of Maryland Laboratory (PDF) looked to SMECO’s Business Solutions program for help upgrading the lab’s exhaust system and making it more energy efficient. The effort resulted in a 27% reduction in energy consumption, and available incentives saved the university $115,762 off the project cost.

Small Business Solutions

  • Mechanicsville Building and Supply (PDF) upgraded their facility’s lighting through its Small Business Solutions program. The decision paid off in a brighter, more inviting space and more than $6,000 in rebates.

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