Business Solutions: Existing Buildings

Improving the energy efficiency of your facility and operations is an important way to lower costs. SMECO’s Business Solutions Program offers incentives to reduce your upfront costs and make energy efficiency upgrades more affordable.

SMECO's programs help your existing building become more energy efficient. 

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Instant Savings

Instant Savings for Business offers discounted pricing to SMECO commercial customers on qualifying energy-efficient products. Simply visit or call a participating local distributor to get instant discounts when you make energy-efficient purchases.

Building Tune-up

Returning your equipment to its proper operating state extends service life while improving occupant comfort and air quality. SMECO offers incentives to cover up to 75% of service costs

Small Business Solutions

Whether you own a convenience store, place of worship, small family business, or diner, you can reduce your energy costs while enhancing workplace comfort. The Small Business Solutions Program offers small business customers the opportunity to retrofit existing equipment with more energy efficient technologies.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

SMECO’s Business Solutions Program is seeking projects to qualify for its CHP Program, which provides incentives up to $2.5 million to industrial and commercial customers who install an onsite CHP system.


The Prescriptive Program offers incentives on specific, proven energy-efficient equipment that you can install without the need for a detailed engineering analysis. Financial incentives can cover up to 50% of the total cost for retrofit projects or up to 75% of the incremental cost for replacing old equipment. All prescriptive projects require pre-approval from SMECO.


SMECO recognizes that one size doesn’t always fit all; that’s why we offer customized incentives to meet your specific needs. For more complex systems and energy efficiency projects not included in the prescriptive program, SMECO offers a custom approach. Financial incentives can cover up to 50% of the total cost for retrofit projects or up to 75% of the incremental cost for replacing old equipment. To be eligible for incentives, custom projects must produce energy savings.

Building Operator Education

SMECO offers financial incentives to help cover the cost for approved building operation and maintenance education courses. The incentives cover a percentage of training course(s) enrollment fees or tuition and are distributed upon course completion.

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EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your energy bill. EmPOWER programs can help you reduce your energy consumption and save you money. Learn more about EmPOWER and how you can participate.

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