Don't Neglect Your Filter

The filter is the most important item to keep up with. This is also the most neglected part of the heat pump—and the cause of many high energy bills! Your filter collects dust particles that otherwise would clog your indoor coil. When your filter is not cleaned or changed periodically, you run the risk of substantially increasing energy consumption, reducing comfort, and causing equipment damage.

You should clean or replace your filter every month. The filter is located in the indoor unit or the return air grille. If you can’t find your filter, call a heating contractor, manufacturer, or SMECO for assistance.

Ensure proper air flow:

Proper air flow is critical for efficient heat pump operation. Don’t close off more than 10 percent of the registers in your home. Don’t block a register’s air flow or try to deflect its direction.

Proper air flow is also important for the outdoor unit. Keep grass, shrubbery, leaves, and dust away from the unit for unobstructed air flow.

YouTube: See how a clogged filter can restrict airflow

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