Home Energy Reports

A randomly selected group of SMECO customer-members receives Home Energy Reports in the mail every other month. These reports are condensed snapshots of the information found in the smart energy tabs in Account Manager. They compare your energy use to your neighbors’, show your energy use over time, and provide personalized tips.

Home Energy Reports provide the following personalized information about your home’s energy use:

  • A progress tracker will show you how your energy usage changes over time and across seasons
  • A comparison to other similarly sized and equipped homes in your area
  • A bill comparison allowing you to compare your current bill to the previous month and the same month from the previous year
  • Energy conservation tips based on your energy use patterns and the characteristics of your home

Energy use data are available to all residential SMECO customers. To access Account Manager, all you have to do is create a password-protected login using your SMECO account number. You’ll find detailed information about your home’s energy use, make your home more energy efficient, and ways to save money.

To learn more about the information in SMECO’s Home Energy Reports, see our FAQ.

For any additional questions, e-mail us or call 1-877-818-4094

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