Quick Home Energy Check-up

You can make smarter energy choices and improve the energy-efficiency of your home. Just get a SMECO Quick Home Energy Check-up—at no cost. A Check-up will show you how to reduce the amount of energy you use in your home to save you money on energy costs.

Set up an Appointment for a Check-up

What to Expect:

When you take advantage of this service, a Check-up professional will perform a one-hour walk-through of your home. Your professional will assess the following:

  • Insulation levels
  • Air tightness
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Windows and doors
  • Lighting and appliances

After the Check-up is complete, you will receive a summary of important findings, recommended improvements, and opportunities to reduce your energy use and costs. With your permission, the Check-up professional will provide and install the following energy-saving measures at no additional cost:

  • LED bulbs
  • Faucet aerators
  • Efficient-flow shower head
  • Pipe insulation (installed on hot and cold pipes from water heater for six feet)
  • ShowerStart™ shower head adapter
  • Smart power strip

Approved QHEC Contractors

Review our list of approved QHEC contractors. Only contractors on this list are authorized to perform Quick Home Energy Check-ups on behalf of SMECO.

What’s the difference between the Quick Home Energy Check-up and the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR audit? Consult our comparison chart to find out. For more information about Quick Home Energy Check-up, make an appointment for a check-up or call 1-877-818-4094.

Want more bulbs?

Already had a Check-up and want to purchase additional LEDs, efficient-flow showerheads, and other energy-saving products for your home? Visit our online store to buy more of these items at disocunted prices from SMECO.

This program supports EmPOWER Maryland.

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