Upgrade to energy-efficient ENERGY STAR CFLs or LEDs in your lighting. SMECO offers discounts on select ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent lights and light-emitting diode lights at participating retailers in our service area. The savings are included in your purchase price at the register.

Get up to $1.60 instant discount for CFLs and up to $7 for LEDs!

Visit the participating retailers listed below to get instant discounts on LEDs and CFLs. Or, visit our online store to get the same instant discounts and have the bulbs and other energy saving products delivered right to your door.

  • BJ’s
    1000 St. Nicholas Drive, Waldorf
    44950 Worth Lane, California
  • Costco
    7601 Matapeake Business Drive, Brandywine
  • Giant
    655 Solomon’s Island Road, Prince Frederick
    3297 Crain Highway, Waldorf
    10790 Town Center Boulevard, Dunkirk
    7025 Berry Road, Accokeek
    200 Rosewick Road, La Plata
    11740 Rousby Hall Road, Lusby
    45101 First Colony Way, California
  • Goodwill
    2495 Crain Highway, Waldorf
  • Lowe’s
    45075 Worth Avenue, California
    300 Rosewick Road, La Plata
    2525 Crain Highway, Waldorf
  • Sam’s Club
    2365 Crain Highway, Waldorf
  • Target
    10922 Crain Highway SE, Brandywine
    60 Shining Willow Way, La Plata
    3300 Western Parkway, Waldorf
    45155 First Colony Way, California
  • True Value
    20 Creston Lane, Solomons
    46041 Signature Lane, Lexington Park
    155 Main Street, Prince Frederick
    13210 Point Lookout Road, Ridge
    12165 Rock Point Road, Newburg
  • The Home Depot
    12050 Jefferson Farm Place, Waldorf
  • Walmart
    45485 Miramar Way, California
    10600 Town Center Boulevard, Dunkirk
    40 Drury Drive, La Plata
    150 N Solomons Island Road, Prince Frederick
    11930 Acton Lane, Waldorf

Learn your lighting label:

Look for the lighting label! It looks like the nutrition facts label on food products, and can help you choose the bulbs that meet your needs. Remember, a little power can go a long way. Learn more!

Incandescent (Watts) Light output (Lumens)
40 450
60 800
75 1,100
100 1,600
150 2,600

Why use CFLs?

The most important innovation in energy-efficient home lighting is the CFL. These bulbs use about 75 percent less energy than the older incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 to 25 times longer.

Although CFLs are more expensive to buy than incandescent bulbs, they are less expensive to own because of their lower energy consumption. Replacing an incandescent bulb with a CFL can save up to $65 in electricity during the bulb’s lifetime. Make a list of the lights in your home that you use the most. If you have lights that are on for long periods of time, these are the most logical ones to change to CFLs so you can get more savings.

Why use LEDs?

LEDs emit light in a specific direction, whereas an incandescent light bulb emits light — and heat — in all directions. According to ENERGY STAR, direct lighting applications like LED bulbs offer many advantages compared to incandescent lights such as reduced energy use, energy cost savings and less frequent bulb replacements.

Ways to cut lighting costs:

  1. Use daylight whenever possible.
  2. Reduce the amount of power required by the light. CFLs and LEDs require less power than incandescents.
  3. Reduce the amount of time that you keep the light on. Get into the habit of turning lights off when you leave the room and you will reduce your lighting costs.

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