SMECO Services

SMECO Services

SMECO offers a variety of programs to help you get the most from your electric service, from surge protection and energy use checkups to high-tech thermostats.

Supply Chain Status:

For the past two years, SMECO has actively managed supply chain issues that threaten the co-op’s commitment to provide timely service to its customer-members. SMECO continues to diligently work with supply partners, standards organizations, and others to develop alternative solutions that address potential supply chain material shortages; however, these continuing global supply chain issues—from reduced factory output to shipping delays—are putting materials needed for new services and area lighting projects in tight supply. Please take the time to plan project needs well in advance and contact SMECO’s Engineering and Operations personnel in a timely fashion to help avoid potential new service and area light project delays.

New Construction:

Building a new home or business? Read our tips on making your connection with SMECO smooth and trouble-free.

Residential Area Lights:

SMECO offers three types of outdoor lights that you can rent for your home. All our area lights are dark sky compliant.

Street Lighting:

Your community can rent street lights to enhance both safety and aesthetic appeal. All lights are dark sky compliant.

SMECO 24/7:

Download our mobile app to report an outage, view our outage map, or make a payment. Sign up for our text messaging service to make payments or get status updates on your outage.

Net Metering:

If you’re planning on having solar panels installed at your home, find out how to apply for a net meter to properly connect your panels.


Our StormSentry total home protection can help reduce your exposure to possible surges that could damage your appliances and interrupt your daily routine.

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