SMECO EV Recharge

SMECO EV RechargeSMECO plans to offer charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Southern Maryland. We have partnered with Greenlots, a subsidiary of Shell New Energies, to install up to 60 charging stations throughout our service area. 

We are working with state, municipal, and local governments to determine locations for the SMECO EV Recharge stations. The installations will include level 2 chargers, which can charge most electric vehicles in a few hours, and direct current fast chargers, which can charge most vehicles up to 80 percent in half an hour.

EV owners can use the Greenlots Mobile App to find the nearest station, start and end charging, easily make payments, and receive real-time notifications.

Visit this page for updates, including announcements about upcoming locations for charging stations.

SMECO EV Recharge Stations:

Unless otherwise indicated, all Level 2 chargers are equipped with two J-1772 connectors.


Charlotte Hall

  • Charlotte Hall Library, New Market Road, one Level 3 unit, one CHAdeMO connector and one CCS/SAE connector, cannot be used concurrently

La Plata


Lexington Park



Prince Frederick

Port Tobacco


St. Mary’s City


White Plains

Register Your EV:

Do you already own or lease an EV? Register your vehicle with SMECO to receive information on EV events in your area and upcoming EV offers from SMECO.

Charles County’s First Station:

Virtual Ribbon-Cutting:

St. Mary’s County government held a virtual ribbon-cutting for the SMECO EV Recharge station at the Leonardtown library.

Frequently Asked Questions:

See also Greenlots’ frequently asked questions about using the chargers.


EV - electric vehicle
kW – kilowatt (demand)
kWh – kilowatt-hour (usage over time)

How many public EV Chargers will SMECO install?

SMECO can install up to 60 EV chargers. While the majority will be Level 2 chargers, we can install up to 20 Level 3 DC fast chargers.

Where will the chargers be located?

The chargers will be installed throughout southern Maryland at government-owned sites that have 24-hour access.

Does SMECO charge for the installation of the EV Chargers?

Under the pilot program, SMECO absorbs the cost of installation.

Will the electric vehicle driver be charged to use the SMECO EV Recharge stations?


The cost for Level 2 chargers is 18 cents per kWh.

The cost for Level 3 DC fast chargers is 34 cents per kWh.

How does the public access a SMECO EV Recharge station?

To use a SMECO EV Recharge station, an EV driver must download the Greenlots mobile app and set up an account to pay with a credit card. The app will let you know when your vehicle is finished charging.

What’s the difference between Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 charging?

Level 1 EV charging – plug your vehicle into a standard 120-V outlet, similar to plugging in a lamp or a toaster. EV drivers typically plug in at home in a garage or driveway. It takes a long time to charge a vehicle’s battery when utilizing 120-V Level 1 charging, usually 12 hours or more.

Level 2 EV charging – plug into a 240-V outlet, like your electric dryer or stove may use. Some EV owners may install a 240-V outlet in their garage for faster charging. Some businesses may have a Level 2 charging station open to the public. With the voltage and amperage of the Level 2 charger, the EV battery may take 4 to 8 hours to charge. Many publicly available Level 2 chargers are being installed throughout the United States, and there is a movement to install Level 2 chargers at home.

Level 3 charging (also called Direct Current Fast Charging) - Level 3 chargers use three-phase 277/480-V service, which requires a larger transformer and access to three-phase distribution lines. While installing a Level 3 charger is costly, it is the way of the future for faster public charging; a vehicle takes just 30 to 60 minutes to attain a healthy charge.

What does it cost to charge an EV at a SMECO EV Recharge station?

SMECO charges 18 cents per kWh for a Level 2 charger, which allows a vehicle to pull 7 kW (demand). Using 7 kW for one hour equals 7 kWh. (7 kWh x 18 cents = $1.26 per hour)

If your EV gets roughly 4 miles per kWh, after one hour of charging, 7 kWh will provide 28 miles of travel (7 kWh x 4 miles = 28 miles). 

To go on a 100-mile trip, your EV would need to charge for about 3½ hours at a total cost of $4.54 (100/28 = 3.6 hours, 3.6 x $1.26 = $4.54  or  3.6 x 7 x .18 = $4.54). 

SMECO charges 34 cents per kWh for a Level 3 DC fast charger, which allows a vehicle to pull 50 kW (demand). Using 50 kW for one hour equals 50 kWh. (50 kWh x 34 cents = $17 per hour) 

If your EV gets roughly 4 miles per kWh, after one hour of charging, 50 kWh will provide 200 miles of travel (50 kWh x 4 miles = 200 miles). 

To go on a 100-mile trip, your EV would need to charge for ½ hour at a total cost of $8.50 (100/200 = ½ hour, .5 x $17 = $8.50   or  .5 x 50 x .34 = $8.50).

A SMECO residential customer is charged about 11.7 cents per kWh (not including the taxes and fees that appear on a monthly bill), so charging your EV at home would cost less. Try the savings calculator.

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