Did you know that you emit radio frequency (RF) energy? This energy is all around us and it is important to our daily activities. In fact, our bodies and our planet emit this energy naturally.

RF emissions—which are the same as radio signals or radio waves—are part of the same spectrum that includes ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light. (Your TV remote uses infrared light.) At an even lower frequency and lower-energy level on that spectrum are radio waves, and we use them worldwide for telecommunication.

Measured in terms of energy output or exposure, a smart meter's RF emissions are very small relative to other devices. The illustrations below show a comparison of RF energy output from various sources.

Chart showing types of technology and their radio frequency emissions < < < < < < 0.00000000012 mW/cm 2 0.000038 mW/cm 2 0.00013 mW/cm 2 0.0003 mW/cm 2 0.000000010 – 0.0010 mW/cm 2 0.005 – 0.12 mW/cm 2 0.09 – 0.19 mW/cm 2 Tower Gateway Base Station Smart Meter Up to 3.4 Times Greater Up to 7.9 Times Greater Up to 26 Times Greater Up to 3,200 Times Greater Up to 5,000 Times Greater SMECO AMI Network Devices Earth Human Body WiFi Cordless Phone Cellular Phone
Cellular Phone Cordless Phone Earth Human Body WiFi Smart meter

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