Privacy Policy for Smart Meter Data

SMECO’s policy, in accordance with applicable law, is to protect the confidentiality of smart meter energy use data. SMECO’s confidentiality policy applies to data that are under SMECO’s custody, whether the data reside under SMECO’s control or under the control of a SMECO-approved third party.

What Information Is Covered?

SMECO’s smart meters store and communicate customers’ electric energy use data, which include the amount of energy used and the time interval during which the energy was used. This policy covers this smart meter energy use data. SMECO uses the energy use data to bill customers.

SMECO will not sell a customer’s energy use data to a third party. In some instances, SMECO may be required to disclose individual data pursuant to regulation or law.

All customers currently or previously receiving electric distribution or supply service from SMECO, whose usage data is in SMECO’s custody, are covered by this policy. This policy applies to all smart meter energy use data maintained by SMECO, electronic or printed, stored on any medium. Energy use data that are not specific to the customer, such as combined or aggregated data, are not covered by this policy. SMECO discloses energy use data not covered under this policy in accordance with laws, regulations, Maryland Public Service Commission orders, and SMECO’s Commission-approved tariffs.

SMECO is required by law to observe certain prohibitions regarding the disclosure of individual customer data. Customers’ smart meter energy use data will only be collected, processed, retained, or disclosed for legitimate SMECO utility-related business reasons.

Customers may contact SMECO to request their own energy use data. In addition, SMECO may provide energy use data with customer consent to a third party, primarily those providing energy-related products or services, taking into account the nature and frequency of the customer’s request.

What Does SMECO Do to Protect My Data?

SMECO is committed to protecting customer information, and that commitment continues as smart meters are employed and technology evolves. Personally identifiable information, such as name, address, account number, social security number, or credit and payment information, is not transmitted to or from the meter.

SMECO protects smart meter energy use data by using an access-controlled private data network. SMECO employees and their contractors may not access, remove, disclose or use smart meter energy use data (other than for legitimate company business) nor may employees or contractors assist others in such access, removal, disclosure, or use. All employees and contractors who have access to smart meter energy use data are required to maintain the confidentiality of that information during and after employment or engagement with SMECO.

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