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Prepare for SMECO’s 2024 Annual Members’ Meeting

About SMECO’s Annual Meeting

Every year, SMECO conducts its members’ meeting for the purpose of electing directors and voting on bylaw changes. As a member, you have the right to vote.

SMECO has 15 directors and, every year, five directors are elected to three-year terms.

This year, elections will be held to fill one position in Calvert/Anne Arundel, and two positions each in Charles and in St. Mary’s counties.

Annual Members' Meeting

August 21, 2024

6 p.m.

Mechanicsville Volunteer
Fire Department Social Hall

The annual meeting is a business meeting. Ballots cast by mail and online will be included to make a quorum of 500. In addition to the 500 ballots, at least 50 members are required to attend the meeting in person to make a quorum.

Need more information? Email us at: or call 301-274-4430.

Updating your address

Ballots are mailed to all members. In order to receive your ballot, it’s important that SMECO has your correct mailing address. You can update your mailing information with Account Manager or by calling 1-888-440-3311. To use Account Manager, visit smeco. coop, and click “Sign In” to log in or create a new account. Select “Billing” under “Notifications” at the top right and update your information.

If you have multiple account addresses, you can designate where you would like to receive your annual meeting ballot by speaking to a Customer Care Representative.


Ballots will be mailed to all SMECO members on July 15, 2024.

  • SMECO members can vote by mail or online. (No voting onsite.)
  • Members can vote for candidates in each county.
  • Ballots must be received or submitted online by August 14, 2024. Votingesults will be announced at the meeting.
  • Learn more about how to cast your vote at: